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Friday, 12 April 2013

Finishes from Earlier in the Year

Those of you who had followed my previous blog would remember
some progress shots of this quilt which I started....
....ooohhhhh....a couple of years ago????
Well.....I finally finished it and had it quilted.
I had some difficulty with the borders as I had bought the tractor fabric
some time ago and did not have enough!!
Oh no!!
Lots of head scratching...then I decided to make 8 more star blocks
and it came together as you see it now.

 My grandchildren....Tai and Thian love it!
They love to 'find' the different animals and Tai counts them etc.
Lots of work in it but well worth it when you see the kids interaction with it

Below is the floor quilt I made for Thian.
You can see it is well loved!

 My gorgeous grandchildren love to 'hide' under their quilts and
play.....we always have to 'find' them.....lots of giggles and squeals of

It is lovely to see the quilts well loved and used in my DS and DIL home.

I am still working away on the final 6 stitcheries of the Once Upon a Time quilt.
I have 5 completed except for the borders because I ran out of the thread 
....which I have now received, so back to the grindstone.....

My newest granddaughter is progressing very well...
learning to suck on a bottle at present :)

Enjoy your day and happy stitching
Aussie Nanna


Peg - Happy In Quilting said... fun with all your grand babies...

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic Vanessa and how much fun to watch the Grandkids enjoy your quilts